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Spring Mask Collection: Daisies, Disney + Dogs!

Updated: Aug 14, 2021

"May your hope remind your head of what you know..." -Jon Foreman

Spring is only 16 days away from its fragrant, flowering arrival, which means that St. Patrick's Day and Easter masks are a must-have in the weeks ahead!

Order masks for your whole family and keep kids safe in the classroom!

Mask-up with florals that are sure to spread springtime cheer!

10% Donated Thank you for trusting me to provide you with the high-quality cotton masks that you have come to know and love over these last 8 months and counting! Your online reviews, in-person affirmations and continued support are keeping HOPE alive through the philanthropic mission of Hopeful stitches! 10% of your purchase continues to support homeless and at-risk youth through amazing organizations!

**UPDATE** Medallion Floral, Holidays Eggs, Puppy Pals, Paw Prints and Purple Daisies are SOLD OUT.

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