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First Donations: On Their Way!

Updated: Mar 17

I'm so excited to share some good news: On 03/05, I sent my first donation of 15 Cali-Bags to A Step Beyond in Escondido, California. They are a youth development organization that welcomes children from the community to come to them and receive free after school dance classes, academic support and social services. Their students are considered part of the 'underserved' community, which by definition, can be explained as, "A group of people not getting enough help, products or services."

Jesus loves the little children... They are precious in His sight. Remember that old Sunday school song? In fact, Jesus is quoted as saying, "Let the little children come to me." [Matthew 19:14] He is the embodiment of compassion, love and hope. Jesus urges us not to hinder the children, because those who we consider the least among us are in fact the greatest among us.

With each Cali-Bag purchased, another one gets donated to students at A Step Beyond. You too, like Jesus, are choosing to share compassion, love, and hope. Thanks to Wendy, at A step Beyond, for helping to get these bags into the hands of some extra special children!

Credit to Cedarmont Kids' song, Jesus Loves the Little Children, for inspiring this post.

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