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About Hopeful Stitches

The Mission: In spring of 2020, like many others, I became unemployed due to the Covid-19 health crisis. During those early days, I traded worry in exchange for hope. Applying my personal sewing skills towards learning the complex craft of sewing high quality masks, I have since expanded the brand by launching a new line of products called, "Cali-Bags".

Philanthropy: For each mask sold, I donated 10% of the funds to a group near and dear to my heart; the Switchfoot BRO-AM Foundation. This organization provides grants to nonprofit organizations that provide services to homeless, at-risk and disadvantaged youth, with a special focus on programs related to music, art and surfing. Through the sale of "Cali-Bags", I am now able to donate, one-for-one, a beautiful bag to a student at A Step Beyond.

If you would like to place an order, or have questions about payments and donations, please send an email inquiry to I'd be happy to answer your questions! Sorry, but I am unable to process credit card payments at this time. Please ask for Venmo QR.

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