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"Hope is the Anthem of my Soul" ..looking back on 2020

Updated: Jan 11, 2021

Dear Friend, As 2020 comes to a close, social customs call on us to reminisce the souvenirs of another 12 months gone by. Many of us will spend this week awaiting holiday presents; the top selling items that we seem to feel incomplete without. But another group of us has formed during these past 10 months or so; a group of folks who will remember with heavy hearts the things they once had this year, including the family and loved ones they have lost in an untimely manner. This is why Hopeful Stitches was created and for this reason it continues: to bring hope and health to our community through affordable, washable fabric masks. We must continue to be thoughtful, caring people by wearing masks, keeping good hygiene and practicing social distancing whenever possible. Hopeful Stitches will remain open throughout the winter-- weather permitting! If the weather is questionable, feel free to reach out before you come by: 609-649-8938

Hopeful Stitches has sewn 1,048 masks! 757 of them were purchased by awesome people like YOU, and with your financial donations, I was able to donate 291 masks to: - Nurses at CHOP - Trenton PD - Local bank tellers, pharmacy employees + delivery drivers - RAI Affiliates and Antheia Gynecology - Garden State Pediatric and Adolescent Medicine - Premier Medicine and Wellness - and more community driven initiatives! At the end of the pandemic, I will be donating 10% of all proceeds to a charity that was started by my favorite San Diego based band, Switchfoot. The Switchfoot Bro-Am Foundation helps to provide services to homeless, at-risk and disadvantaged youth though music, art and surfing programs.

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