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A Successful Day

Updated: Sep 11, 2023

Hello friends of Hopeful Stitches,

Thank you to everyone who came out to the Bordentown Green Fair last weekend. It was definitely a successful day, and a great opportunity to meet and talk to you all face-to-face. Hopeful Stitches started as a mask making project, a little business set-up out front of my home by the curb. You all faithfully showed up, waving and chatting from a distance, proudly supporting my humble entrepreneurial dream through a seemingly unending pandemic. Good news... WE MADE IT OUT! And to those who had a more difficult journey, I share in your family losses and your determination to choose hope.

Again, thank you to everyone who made the Green Fair a positive day. Hopeful Stitches will have many more Cali-Bags to send to the students at A Step Beyond, thanks to YOU! I'm grateful to those of you who really understand the heart of Hopeful Stitches!

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