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Easter & The Interruption Ministry

Hello once again my hopeful friends: As we celebrate Easter weekend and move ahead into the 2nd year of battling Covid-19, I'd like to share some timeless and yet timely inspirational thoughts with you. I hope you'll allow me to interrupt your day for this quick 5 minute read: "He [Jesus] loved without an agenda. He never missed what the Father had prepared for Him, no matter how the opportunity disguised itself. Jesus always embraced the ministry of interruption. Most ministry opportunities have a way of disguising themselves as inconveniences." -Mike Donehey from his book; Finding God's Life for My Will This excerpt was written and inspired by a story about Jesus; as He was walking the shoreline approaching the Sea of Galilee His journey was unexpectedly interrupted and stalled by someone in need of health & healing. Surely Jesus was in route to His next destination, as He is referenced as 'departing from' one region and 'coming through' to another region. Nonetheless, He stopped to give His attention to the man. Covid-19 is a big, perhaps the biggest, life-interruption that our generation will ever be presented with. Will you give your time? Share your talents? How will YOU use the 'ministry of interruption' to share kindness, hope, and a (masked) smile with those around you?

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