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M U L T I P L Y I N G       H O P E:
Throughout the pandemic, with your abounding generosity, Hopeful Stitches donated over 500 handmade masks to: Trenton PD, Nurses at CHOP, local bank tellers, pharmacy employees, delivery drivers, Mask Helpers, RAI Affiliates [click to view], Garden State Pediatric and Adolescent Medicine, Premier Medicine and Wellness, Antheia Gynecology.

Thanks to your gracious support, a generous donation of over $600.00 was provided to the Switchfoot BRO-AM Foundation and its amazing beneficiaries, including:
Feeding San Diego - A Step Beyond - Challenged Athletes Foundation - Monarch School

Each of my items come with a tag, uniquely hand-stamped with one of the following hopeful phrases...

There was still hope. There is still hope. I should still hope. I will always have hope. We wait in hope. I watch for hope. Hope for light. Hope in grace. Be joyful in hope. A heart that's hopeful. Overflow with hope. Rest in hope. We have hope. The hope of glory. My hope is anchored. Hope anchors the soul. I have this hope.  Deep down there's a hope inside. A hope beyond my own. Hope lives in the messy places. Hope is rising. Hope has a name. With Wider hopes and deeper joys. Hope will fall like rain. Hope is the anthem.

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